London Girls take South Africa

July is typically a strange month to be visiting the Southern hemisphere, but somehow the three of
us thought it a high time to pack our bags, wave goodbye to European summertime and fly what
should have been eleven hours to South Africa; during it’s not-so- cold, not-so- European Winter. In
the interest of saving flight reviews for our Twitter pages, let’s just say a bumpy ride saw us to the
arrival terminal at Johannesburg airport. Dressed for London Fashion Week, and attracting peculiar
stares from all directions, we caught a flight to Cape Town, a city on the East Coast of the country
renowned for its vibrancy and marginal landscapes. Although less-than- fabulous weather prevented
us from swimming in the ocean or visiting Table Mountain, there is always something to do in Cape
Town – and by something, we mean, sip on cocktails served to us by shirtless men and yell ‘80s pop
tunes out in a keys not yet invented. After all, what’s a trip to Cape Town without a visit to
Beefcakes’ Bitchy Bingo event hosted by a world-class drag queen or a late night spent
singing/screeching karaoke at Manila Bar? After days spent browsing through street-side markets
and liaising with Cape Town’s inspiringly friendly locals on South Africa’s Western Coast, we flew
across the country to Durban, a humid surfer’s paradise, from where we drove upland towards
Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve, a national park and natural habitat to Africa’s big five, or as the
Brits might call it: safari. This is an experience you cannot miss out on when visiting Africa; an
unparalleled adventure into the wild that won’t be simulated anywhere else in the world. You hardly
notice that you don’t have any telephone service while you and your best friends are stumbling upon
lions and elephants and watching sunsets and star constellations you only really get to see on the
Discovery Channel; and for the sake of our own sanity, let us not get into the gruesome details of
being chased from our campfire by a family of wild scavenging boars. After three days of shielding
our food from wild monkeys, purchasing handmade artworks from Zulu natives and drinking Bon
Courage in the South African wilderness, it was time to return to Johannesburg and catch our flight
back to London – but not, of course, before visiting Nelson Mandela Square in Central Sandton as a
true South African send-off. A long-haul flight back home was a short price to pay for a wild getaway
we would re-live again and again.
With love,
Emma, Charlie and Arabella
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