Vivienne’s Creatives is a collaborative project – partnering with 6 conceptual artists and activists who are part of Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn- Winter Army of Freedom Fighters.

Vivienne asked the artists to interpret the themes of the collection to curate their own conceptual content, each focusing on issues they reference through their own work.

"A series of imagery, celebrating the one thing that seems to connect us all in this crazy post Brexit Trump world… Something so powerful and yet simple …a kiss. And with this kiss, we hope that Love will conquer all" -

by Emma Breschi

Photographer: Emma Breschi

Videographer: Rohum Pourtahmasbi

Set Design: Samuel Gosling

Music: San Scout

Make-Up: Anete Salinieka

Make-Up Assistant: Chihiro Yamada

Production: Vivienne Westwood

Featuring: Emma Breschi, Charlie Barker, Lily Jean Bridger, Laurel, Elliott, Tesz, Dennisa Villalobos and Brendan Mitchell.

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